How I feel about quarantine

"These are unprecedented times" all i seem to be hearing these days. Unfortunately, it is the truth and due to these unprecedented times, it is unsure to say how long we are going to be in quarantine. To pass the time I have been doing so many different types of activities to keep myself busy, but this has also given my time to reflect. Being in quarantine has made me realise how fortunate we are that we can actually stay safe indoors in our actual homes and not actually have to flee or uproot our lives. I don't think many see that side of quarantine, which is very upsetting.

I have tried to stay as positive as possible during these last three weeks, but I end up seeing something on Instagram, hearing the news, or even speaking to a friend and then my anxiety kicks in and I realise what the f*** is actually going on.

I have found that the best way to overcome this was by talking to my grandparents, who are currently self isolating at home. By speaking to them I realise how lucky I actually am. Thankfully, I am not in the "at risk category" and so I am still able, just like most of you, to go out once a day for exercise or for my weekly food shop. They can not do that. They are having to rely on others to do that for them. Just that thought puts everything into perspective for me.

My grandparents, just like most, did not have the easiest of childhoods. They were born right

at the beginning of WWII. During this time Gibraltar was being used as a military base due to its strategic and geographical location and so all women, children and the elderly were evacuated to safer locations. My grandparents just like so many others, were separated from their families and forced to adapt and grow in a different country. After the war life was still hard if not harder. Growing up I heard many sad stories of their childhood and how difficult life was.

Going back to my point, it upsets me to see my grandparents suffer again at a later point in their lives. I feel like they have already been through enough in their lives to now have to spend their days stuck at home and not enjoying what they have worked so hard for. So please for the sake of the elderly and the vulnerable individuals stay home.

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